Six Signs That A House Needs Renovation

Six Signs That A House Needs Renovation


A technically sound and structurally strong house is what anyone wants. Different structures and components of a house have a lifespan and need to be replaced after that. It is important to be aware of the wear and tear of these components so that they can be replaced timely to ensure the continued safety of the house and its residents.

Signs Indicating towards Need for Renovation

There are some very definitive signs which signal the need for home renovation. Some of these signs are discussed below:

Damage in the Flooring

Floor damage is indicated mostly by a detachment of the tiles. It points towards wearing off of the tiles grouting. This wearing off indicate the need for a new tiling system which requires the services of a professional home contractor.

Roof Leakages

If there is more than usual moisture in the attic or waters pots on the ceiling, then it is reflective of leakage in the roof. The leakage can cause significant damage if not addressed in time. Hence when the leakage sets in, it is time to fix the roof or get a new roofing done at the earliest.

Water Damage

Water damage takes place slowly and they build up over time. Signs of water damage include spongy feeling beneath the floor tiles and ceiling stains. Water damage should be quickly assessed by a professional contractor who can suggest corrective measures. Ignoring water damages can prove much costlier to fix later.

Broken Doors or Old Door Locks

Often times one of the more overlooked signs of a renovation is the security of the doors. You will want to ensure for the safety of your family that you have the best possible locks on your front and back doors. The security of your home is of utmost importance because it not only protects your valuables while you’re away but protects the ones you love while you’re home. Ensure you get a professional locksmith to install new door locks if you have older ones, or if you have newer, high-security door locks, you can always just have a locksmith rekey your locks to leverage the existing structure, but get new inner-workings for heightened security.

Cracks in the Wall

Cracks along the interior or exterior walls of the house point definitely towards home renovation. One should check for cracks in the mortar between the bricks and other vertical cracks which seem to be getting wider with time. These are mostly caused by the settling of the foundation and require immediate renovation and the services of a professional home contractor.

Cluttered House

Instead of one’s best efforts if the house still looks cluttered and too clumsy, it means there is a need for renovation. The professional home contractors can assess the house and give their advice on how to address the problem. They can provide professional solutions for rearranging the house and its contents in a manner which saves space and removes the clutter and congestion.


It is important to fix or replace the worn-out roof to protect the house. It is a professional task and should not be done by oneself. It should be handled by professional roofing contractors only to ensure the safety and durability of the roof, as well as a professional locksmith to install new door locks to your home.…

The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Home Contractors

The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Home Contractors

Selecting the ideal home contractor is an integral part of a successful house construction and renovation project. The contractor should be able to deliver results on quality and cost-effectiveness. The choice of the company will have a significant impact on the experience and final outcome of the project. Considering the importance of selecting a good home contractor, a list of dos and don’ts are listed below for choosing the right contractor.


Do Proper Research

It is recommended to do background research before selecting the contractors. One can ask family and friends who have undertaken similar projects earlier for their experiences with the contractor, quality of work done and any other issues faced. This will provide some basic understanding of the contractor’s abilities and potential to deliver the project. Also, hire contractors only if they have a license, insurance, and bond.

Ask for References

Ask the home contractors for references. The references provided should be contacted to get their feedback on the quality of the work done by the company. If the contractor is unwilling to provide references then it means they do not have sufficient satisfied customers or they have little work experience. Such contractors should be avoided.

Select Contractors with Local Address

Contractors with local address should only be selected. Local contractors can be called upon immediately in case of any further repair or fixes have to be made to the house. A local office address is also reflective of the professionalism of the company.

Ask for Written Estimates and Contracts

The contractors should always be asked for written estimates and contracts. This sets the obligation on their part to complete the work as per the contract. It also ensures there is no deviation from what is agreed to in the contract.

Ask Relevant Questions

One should always ask relevant questions to the contractor. Questions like- do they have a website, can they complete the work on time, do they have a license, insurance, and bond, their past experiences etc. These questions will reveal a lot about the qualitative aspects of the contractor which is not always reflected in the price quoted by them.


Don’t Hire only on Price

Don’t evaluate and hire the contractors based only on their price quote. A very cheap quote may mean poor quality of materials and workmanship. Such works prove to be costlier in the long run as they require frequent repairs and fixes due to the poor quality of work done. A very cheap quote can also mean hidden costs which can be imposed later during the project. Hence, the contractor should also be evaluated against the quality of work they will be doing and not just the price alone.

Don’t Rush into Hiring

Do not rush into hiring a contractor. One should meet and take quotations from at least three good contractors before finalizing on the contractor to be hired.

Don’t Make The Entire Payment Upfront

Do not hire a contractor who asks for 100% payment upfront. Such contractors will be mostly unprofessional who will not be able to deliver the quality of work as per customer’s expectations. It will be difficult to get work done from them after paying the entire amount upfront.

Don’t Sign without Understanding the Contract

The customer should not sign the contract without fully understanding its clauses and their implications. A contract which is signed without complete understanding can create issues for the customers later on.


The above dos and don’ts will help in selecting a good home contractor who can provide high-quality workmanship in the most cost-effective manner. Selecting the ideal home contractor is important for getting a good quality of house repairs and renovation which will protect it from weather and external environment for a long time.…